What Is Kuk Sool Won™?

Kuk Sool Won™ is a systematic study of all of the traditional fighting arts, which together comprise the martial arts history of Korea.

Founder & Grandmaster: Kuk Sa Nim - In Hyuk Suh

About Kuk Sa Nim

Kuk Sa Nim has studied martial arts for over 50 years; receiving his first instruction from his grandfather, Myung Deuk Suh, a master-instructor to the Korean Royal Court.

Travelling The Far East

After his grandfather's death, he traveled throughout the Far East seeking out and studying additional aspects of the martial arts.

Founding Of Kuk Sool Won™

The knowledge he acquired from his grandfather and subsequent masters enabled him to establish Kuk Sool Won™. His organization now boasts 1.3 million members with over 800 schools worldwide in 27 different countries.

What Will You Learn?

Find out what Kuk Sool Won™ has to offer.

Hand Techniques/Striking

Leg Techniques/Kicking

Joint Locking & Throwing

Body Conditioning

Falling Techniques & Acrobatics

Animal-Style Techniques

Traditional Korean Weapons

Martial Art Healing & Meditation

Self Confidence

What Is Kuk Sool Won™?

A video by Master Alex Suh.